Sunday, July 21, 2024

Restaurant Session (in Arlesheim, Switzerland): Gasthof zum Ochsen

In the evening, we had our dinner at the hotel's restaurant - Gasthof zum Ochsen. Having also their own butcher's shop, meat is their specialty.
A little appetizer before the starter.
I chose the tartar trilogy with a little salad and crostini. Veal tartar from milk veal with lemon zest and olive oil, minced pork tartar (from free-range pig) and tartar from free-range cows with shallots, cournichons and chives.
["Tatar-Trilogie" mit kleinem Salatbouquet, Crostini.
Kalbstatar vom Vollmilchkalb mit Zitronenzeste und Olivenöl, Zwiebelmett vom Freilandsäuli,
Tatar vom Freilandrind mit Schalotten, Cornichons und Schnittlauch]

As main dish, cordon bleu 'Ochsen Style' from free-range pig, Jumis Schlossberger cheese and Swiss ham.
[Cordon Bleu vom Freilandsäuli "Ochsen Style", Jumis Schlossberger Käse, Schinken Schweiz, Belgische Frites, Saisongemüse]
With Belgian fries and vegetables.
Dessert time!
To end our dinner, we all tried the cherry Schnaps from the region. The glass had a bull inside, reflecting the name of the restaurant :-)
Oct 18th, 2021.

Saturday, July 20, 2024

Sleeping in Arlesheim (Switzerland): Hotel Gasthof Zum Ochsen

To sleep, we went to Arlesheim, a little town closed to Sissach. We stayed at the Hotel Gasthog Zum Ochsen. The room.

The bathroom.

Oct 18th, 2021.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Visiting Sissach (in Switzerland)

 In the middle of October, I went on a business trip to Sissach, in Switzerland.

After a car drive to Sissach, first stop at the office and factory for meetings.

Autumn time!

In the end of the afternoon, before heading to the hotel, a colleague and I went for a walk through the town.
 Flowers in the windows...
 ...bring a lot of charm :-)

Fountains everywhere.

A small channel crosses the city. Hello, ducks!
 Yop, autumn is definitely here :-)
 Oct 15th, 2021.

Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sunrise Time

Sunrise 'Gone With the Wind' style: love it!
Oct 16th, 2021.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Walking Time

Encounters on my walking time :-)
"Do I dare?"
Probably not, as the concrete wall looked much safer and comfortable than dangle from the rope :-D

Oct 16th, 2021.

Monday, July 15, 2024

Book Session: Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd.

Sweet Sweet Revenge Ltd.
Jonas Jonasson
[Photo source:] 

As all books from J.Jonasson, a joy to read :-)

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Restaurant Session (in Eupen, Belgium): Antoine

At mid October, we went for dinner at restaurant Antoine, in Eupen, from the chef Mirko Radermeker.

I like the decoration, specially...

...the lighting. Makes the room very cozy.

The table.
A glass of champagne as aperitif.

With the aperitif, a great amuse bouche selection: polenta dices with parmesan and truffles, matcha cracker with mango filling, tartelette with egg (from their farm), fermented celery with roasted onions, and beef on a damp bread.

As second amuse bouche, ceviche of sea bream with sweet potato and cucumber. Very nice!
Delicious non-alcoholic drinks - perfect option for the driver of the evening: me :-)
Bread, butter and olive oil.
As first dish, 48° salmon, avocado, sorrel, wasabi and carrot. Serve in...
[48° Lachs | Sauerampfer | Wasabi | Karotte]
...two dishes. Delicious!

My second non-alcoholic drink: very refreshing.
As second course, we went for the vegetarian option: roasted cauliflower with saffron, leek and potato. Great sauce, loved this dish!
[Gerösteter Blumenkohl | Safran | Lauch | Kartoffel]
 Turbot, licorice, nut butter, pumpking and dumpling. Very tasty. 
[Sellerie | Süssholz | Nussbutter | Kürbis | Dumpling]
Surprise dish from the menu (you don't know in advance what it will be): lobster. Excellent sauce!!
As main dish, veal from Lothar Vilz, mushrooms, parsnip, pear and chervil.
[Kalb von Lothar Vilz | Pastinake | Birne | Kerbel]
Also in a second variation over a brioche.
Sweet time! Jerusalem artishoke (in format of ice cream: surprising taste) , toffee chocolate and black tea.
[Topinambur | Karamell-Schokolade | schwarzer Tee]
We enjoyed it very much!
Oct 15th, 2021.